Acne is a common skin condition and can be significantly reduced with our IPL and laser method. 

Our treatment inhibits the production of sebum and bacteria in the skin. As a reaction to this treatment the pores refine, the production of collagen is stimulated and we see a considerable improvement in acne scars. 


Bacteria and a high production of sebum cause inflammation in the skin. This inflammation can be expressed in the form of pimples, or in other words, acne. 

Acne is most common during puberty (acne vulgaris), but can also express itself at later stages in life (acne retard). 

Acne can cause scars. These scars can leave behind permanent red and brown pigmentation and irregularities in the skin. 

Reducing the inflammation

We use several methods to reduce the inflammation of the skin. 

The Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) sends out bursts of intense light. These flashes kill bacteria, cause pimples to dry out and reduce redness. 

The LED Therapy Mask stimulates the production of new cells and repairs skin tissue. The blue LED light kills the bacteria that cause acne. This treatment can be combined with a Hyaluronic Acid Mask, which restores the moisture levels in the skin. 

Although both the Ellipse IPL and the LED Therapy Mask reduce redness and inflammation, these methods do not take away the cause of acne. Often nutrition and a mineral deficiency can be a cause of acne. 

Improving the scars

Acne can leave behind scars in the skin in the form of red and brown pigmentation and irregularities. These pigmentations and irregularities can be succesfully treated with the Ellipse IPL, the vascular laser and the LED Therapy Mask. 

Improved skin quality

The positive side effect of the treatment of acne is that the skin quality improves. The production of collagen is stimulated, the pores refine, the skin strengthens and becomes more elastic, wrinkels are reduced and the local blood stream is stimulated. As a result the skin appears fresher and smoother. 

Over 20 years of experience

Medisch Laser Centrum has over 20 years of experience with the treatment of acne. As such, our specialists are extremely capable of compiling a personal treatment plan for you. 

An acne treatment starts at € 40,- per treatment.

During the first consultation it is possible to enquire into the possibilities and costs of a personalized acne treatment. A consultation costs € 30,- which will be discounted from the price of the eventual treatment.

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