Redness in the face, décolleté, or the neck can be significantly reduced through our IPL and laser method. 

Our method does not only reduce the redness, but also the inflammation if there is any rosacea.


Couperose is the appearance of enlarged blood vessels, visible as a red glow mostly in the face, décolleté, or the neck. This redness can be experienced as annoying. Couperose often becomes visible with intense heat, sport or intense labour, but also during changes in hormone levels. Moving from cold to warm areas, and consuming hot food and beverages can also put pressure on the veins, thus causing the skin to glow red.

Couperose is often hereditary. It may however also be caused by medicine, smoking, or sun damage. 


Rosacea is a common chronic form of inflammation of the skin. Often the skin shows bumbs and/or pimples, which in turn can cause redness (couperose). Rosacea mostly occurs after our 30s. 

Personal treatment

The redness and irritation can be significantly reduced with the help of our Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), combined with the vascular laser. The IPL reduces inflammation and together with the vascular laser decreases the redness in the skin. For this treatment our laser specialists use the latest IPL, the Ellipse Nordlys. 

With this method the veins will shrink and the redness will reduce. Generally we see a significant improvement after 2 treatments already. Possibly 3 to 5 treatments are required, depending on the gravity of the couperose and/or rosacea. 

Over 20 years of experience

Medisch Laser Centrum has over 20 years of experience treating couperose and rosacea. As such, our specialists are extremely capable of compiling a personal treatment plan for you. 

For the treatment of couperose it is necessary to keep the skin as pale as possible. It is therefore advised to avoid any sun exposure 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the treatment.

Our result

The successfully treated blood vessels will shrink or disappear completely. The inflammation of rosacea will be reduced. As a result the redness will decrease, irritation will reduce, and the skin will smoothen and rejuvenate.

The genetic predisposition may however cause new visible couperose to appear over time. It is also known that excessive sun exposure and smoking worsen couperose. Hence a good sunblock (SPF30 or higher) is advised. 

Improved skin quality

The positive side effect of the couperose and rosacea treatment is that the quality of the skin improves significantly. The skin rejuvenates and the skin texture refines. The treatment also stimulates the local blood flow and collagen production, thus refreshing and strengthening the skin. 

A couperose and/or rosacea treatment starts at € 40,-

During the first consultation it is possible to enquire into the possibilities and costs of a couperose and/or rosacea treatment. A consultation costs € 30,- which will be discounted from the price of the eventual treatment.

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