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The Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offers by far the best and most long-term results in the field of hair removal. 

Medisch Laser Centrum has over 20 years of experience with this hair removal method and we use the latest Ellipse IPL. 

Our treatment

The Ellipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) sends out short bursts of intense light, which are directed onto the skin. The pigmentation inside the hairs absorbs the energy and guides it to the follicles, which are then deactivated permanently.

Unwanted hairs can be removed from any part of the body, such as the face, armpits, back, arms, legs and bikini area. We can treat almost any skin colour and type, although a pale skin with dark hairs is ideal. Blond and red hairs lack pigmentation and are therefore nearly impossible to remove with the IPL.

The length of a treatment is dependent on the size of the area that needs to be treated. For instance the bikini area takes approximately 20 minutes. The heat generated in the skin is comparable to the sensation of a sun burn. Most people can endure this treatment easily without the use of anesthetic cream. 

Over 20 years of experience

Medisch Laser Centrum has over 20 years of experience with hair removal through the Ellipse IPL method. As such, our specialists are extremely capable of compiling a personal treatment plan for you. 

In case you decide to undergo a hair removal treatment it is important to avoid exposure of the skin to the sun 2 to 3 weeks before and 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment. 

Optimal hair removal

During each treatment, only the hairs that are in the “growth phase” of the hair life-cycle will be affected. These hairs are removed permanently. However, the skin always has many hairs in the “resting phase”. These hairs don't have any pigmentation and are therefore unaffected by the treatment.

A couple of weeks after the treatment new hairs will emerge from the resting phase into the growth phase and only then can they be treated. Therefore on average between 6 to 8 treatments are needed for optimal hair removal.

An IPL hair removal treatment starts at € 40,-

During the first consultation it is possible to enquire into the possibilities and costs of an IPL hair removal treatment. A consultation costs € 30,- which will be discounted from the price of the eventual treatment.

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