Fungal nails

Fungal nails (onychomycose) can occur on the toes, but also on the fingers. Because of the fungal infection, the nails can be colored white, yellow, or brown. Often, the discoloration starts with one nail, spreading to others later on. When the fungal infection advances, the nails can thicken and become brittle and flaky. In a further stage, the nails can also let go of the nail bed. Fungal nails can be treated well with our laser and light methods.


The first step is always an intake with our laser specialist. During this consultation our exact method, your wishes and the realistic possibilities are discussed.

Customized treatment

During the consultation the specialist inspects your skin and nails. Because every type of skin and nail is different, we need to customize each treatment for optimal results. The exact price and the number of treatments required therefore also differ for each person.

During a personal intake you will receive honest advice about the best possibilities to treat your fungal nails.

For an intake we charge € 35,-. In most cases we can plan an intake with a treatment directly after, if so desired and requested in advance.


Before the treatment can take place the following matters apply:

  • The nails need to be cut as short as possible
  • The nails need to have been thoroughly cleaned by a medical pedicure and they need to be completely free of nail polish.


The pulses of the Nd:Yag laser and the Ellipse heat the nail up to the nail bed, where the fungus is located. The heat kills the fungus. After the body has cleaned up the fungus, a new, healthy nail can grow. The heat is sometimes sensible, but is not experienced as painful by most people. Anesthetics are not necessary.

Any type of nail can be treated, regardless of the color of the nail or skin. However, the older the fungal infection, the more treatments are required. The length of the treatment depends on the amount of nails that need to be treated. The treatment of a single nail takes about 5 minutes, while the treatment of 10 nails takes about 20 minutes.

Number of treatments

In general, at least 4 to 10 treatments are needed. In between each treatment needs to be a period of 4 to 8 weeks.

For optimal results, multiple treatments are necessary.


After a fungal nail treatment the following practical matters apply:

  • The nail can feel warm. Potentially a tingling sensation can be felt.
  • To avoid reinfection, it is important to maintain proper feet hygiene
  • We advise to use anti-fungal powder in all of your shoes, such as Daktarin or Mycosan, available at the pharmacy


The result will become visible only after a few months into the treatment scheme, because the fungal nail needs to grow out of your toe. On average, it takes 12 to 18 months before a new toe nail has grown. Finger nails grow faster, on average it takes 6 months before a new one has grown.


Starting at € 75,-

The exact price and treatment are customized during the intake with the laser specialist. For a consultation we charge € 35,-.


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