Complaint procedure

A good relationship between you, your practitioner and the clinic is important. Unfortunately sometimes this relationship is disturbed. You are dissatisfied, you have a complaint.

On this page we hand out information on what you can do if you are dealing with an issue surrounding your practitioner or our clinic. You can find all information concerning the possibilities of resolving the issue and how the issue is treated within our complaint procedure.

Solving it together

We treat the wishes and complaints of our clients very seriously. We are also constantly improving our clinic. Complaints, wishes and suggestions for improvement are therefore more than welcome at all times. Firstly we would like to invite you to discuss the issue together with the practitioner or the management.

Through the form below you can file a complaint. Writing down your name and contact details is optional - this means you can also file anonymous complaints and suggestions for improvement. In this case we can however not contact you to discuss the issue further.

In case you have a complaint or suggestion for improvement that you would like to solve together with us we ask you kindly to do fill in your name and contact details. We can then contact you as soon as possible after we have received the complaint. To resolve the issue you are of course also more than welcome to call us or make an appointment.

Submit a complaint

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We will treat every complaint with the biggest possible care. If we can’t solve the issue together we will bring you in touch with the complaints officer of DOKh.

Complaint procedure DOKh

You firstly have a consultation with the complaints officer of DOKh. This officer will guide you during the process of filing and discussing your complaint. If you have any question or if you need help with filing a written complaint, the complaints officer is there to help. Once the complaint has been formulated clearly both you and the complaints officer will start to look for a solution.

The first option that is usually chosen for is mediation. You can indicate whether you are open to this option.


Many complaints can be solved during a conversation in the presence of a neutral mediator. If both you and your practitioner have indicated to be open to this option the first mediation session will take place within the first two weeks. The complaints officer will take seat as the mediator.

During the mediation sessions both you and your practitioner will have the possibility to elaborate on the situation and events. Once the understanding for each other grows a workable situation arises. The ultimate goal of the mediation is to recover the relationship between you and your practitioner.


Help from the complaints officer, the mediation and the complaints service are free of charge for you. Mediation is only successful if both parties agree. During mediation mutual respect and trust is necessary. All people involved in the process are bound by an obligation of confidentiality and will carefully handle your privacy.

If mediation does not work for you the complaints officer can help you with the possible next steps. Your complaint then becomes a dispute.

The complete complaint procedure can be downloaded at