Covid-19 precautions


Dear valued client,


To prevent the further spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus) we as medical clinic have taken precautions. 

  • Please come alone to your appointment
  • It is mandatory to wear a facemask, please bring one yourself
  • Please come on time, but not more than 5 minutes before the appointment
  • You are requested to disinfect your hands when entering the building. For this we have made available hand disinfectant



Unfortunately wE cannot treat you in case you: 


Have 1 or several of the following symptoms: 


  • Cough
  • Cold / runny nose
  • Sore throat 
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Loss of smell and/or taste
  • Shortness of breath


Live with a person who is in home isolation 


We will ask you these questions at 2 different moments: 


  1. By email, the day before the treatment
  2. Upon arrival at the clinic


House rules

In addition we ask you to take notice of the following: 


  • We do not shake hands 


  • Our clinic has been set-up according to the 1,5 meter rule. We kindly ask you to stay at a distance from each other as much as possible during your visit


  • Try to avoid touching surfaces, chairs, and door handles as much as possible


  • Our water dispenser and magazines are not available. We kindly ask you to bring drinks yourself


  • We kindly ask you to pay by card as much as possible. If this is not possible we ask you to avoid hand contact 


  • After each payment the pin device will be disinfected


  • We will perform extra cleaning rounds for the doors, toilets, and in the treatment rooms.


  • Our employees are only allowed to work if they are free of symptoms


  • We kindly ask you to book new appointments by telephone and not at the front desk.


Vaccination & filler treatment

We would like to inform you with the potential side effects of combining a Covid-19 vaccination with a filler treatment:

Because of the Covid-19 vaccination, the immune system becomes (temporarily) more active. This could cause the immune system to react more intensely at the material foreign to the body (the filler). 

The side effects are a light swelling on and around the treated area. Out of 15.184 vaccinated people, three patients had these side effects. So far, these side effects have only been reported with the Moderna vaccination, and not yet with the Bio-NTech/Pfizer vaccination. 

We advise not to have a filler treatment in the period of 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the Covid-19 vaccination. 


Thank you for your cooperation!

Team Medisch Laser Centrum



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